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Original B2B system
evoB2B is a complete and fully automated solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This web application enhances the managment of sales processes,  completely manages the trading system through the quantity and value register of storage, offers the managment of service requests and complaints, control of settlements, managing contacts and relations with clients and allows for electronic data interchange with business partners including electronic signature.


Features Details
Administrative module System configuration. Define tree of product categories, warehouses, symbols of units of measurements and logistics units, warehouse notices,  invoice registers,  VAT rates, forms of payment etc..
Grant permissions and access to  individual modules to users.
Products management Manage products data like name, units of  measurement,  product categories, description, bar codes, pictures, labels etc.
Price lists Define prices and their relations to costs of purchase using margin, manage progressive margin and price groups.
Customers inventory Manage business partners database, contact details, information exchange channels or commercial terms and conditions.
Commercial conditions Control prices, discounts and special offers.
Purchase and sale logistics Full control of processes connected with commodity trading, starting from the purchase through receiving goods into the warehouse and ending with selling.
Warehouse register Full and automatic quantity and value register of warehouse based on warehouse documents. Control of products prices based on delivery. Capability for tracing goods along the distribution chain.
Requests for proposal and offers Make requests for proposal and from them create commercial offers which later can become orders.
Automatic price negotiation Move the process of price negotiation to the Internet to improve orders.
Liabilities and receivables Control settlements with partners through automatic connection of invoices with bank statements and cash reports.
Warranty and support Handle claims of business partners.
Electronic data interchange Transfer your data with business partners using ECR (Efficient Consumers Response) standard-based EDI communication. Receive and send electronic invoices and EDI communications like ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, RECADV and others.
Integrations with business partners Managing the database of suppliers in relation to item inventory. Receiving stock levels from suppliers. Automatic arrival notices and delivery receipts based on received EDI communications.
Qualified electronic signature Electronically sign documents which are sent to your business partners as well as verify the authenticity of received documents.
Business Intelligence Easily create reports from all levels of your company using data from any module of B2B system. 

About B2B

In order to meet the expectations of the companies from the commercial sector, we've designed and created evoB2B, a system which is a complete and fully automated solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This web application was build using vast experience and perfect knowledge of business processes. Verified programming solutions and high-end technologies packed inside the system guarantee its high efficiency, reliability, flexibility and safety of data. A team of qualified and ambitious specialists constantly watch over the system and is ready to take up any challenge. We are prepared to upgrade your application with new dedicated functionalities improving businesses which sell specialised goods or services to make them suited for your needs.

The system comes with pre-implementation and post-implementation analysis to increase the effectiveness of your company in all areas which are affected by our system, including:


Thanks to the automation of business processes, professional tutorial for staff and centralization of data, implementing evoB2B system brings actual profits seen right from the start.


The 4-layer, modular application is build with best programming paradigm - object oriented programming.

But wait, there's more. The system also utilizes highly efficient MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and DDD (Domain Driven Design). Independent business logic layer contains virtual representations of real business entities like orders or warehouses, together with their properties and methods. While working on this layer, programmers forget about technical language and create code which resembles natural relations and constructions which were analysed and modelled together with experts from a particular field.

Next two layers, data acess layer and communication layer together with business logic are responsible for work organization including minimization of used resources which highly improves the efficiency of the system.
All parts are supervised by our original application engine which also protects our clients from third party intrusions.

To assure the highest value, from the very beginning we have been employing automatic tests or system of automatic updating the application from an independent development environment.