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evoCrm is an automated solution supporting business-client relationship. This web application offers a complete management of relations with clients on every level of business relationship.
It provides various functions like identifying clients' needs, using collected data to close deals and provide post-sale services.
What is more, the multi-dimensional segmentation of clients offers the analysis of client's value and loyalty.


Features Details
Customers records Collect and share customers data for easy and comprehensive service.
Customer service Cover all possible ways of communication with clients: system messages, on-line chat and phone.
Goods and services Create new offers and handle orders for goods and services.
Post-sale services Appreciation program.
Analysis The analysis of clients and their actions. Multi-layered segmentation of clients, the analysis of clients' value and loyalty.
Reports Transparent and comprehensive sales reports. The analysis of sales based on the source of transaction.
External sources integration Integration with databases, ERP systems, the Internet or others.
Time management Manage personal notes, tasks, contacts or appointments (PIM).
Marketing Create marketing campaigns, mailings and special offers.

About evoCRM

In order to meet the expectations of small and medium sized enterprises, which heavily rely upon effective communication with clients, we created a complete and automated solution - evoCRM.
evoCRM is an irreplaceable tool when contacts with clients needs to be regulated and systematic. The lack of control over communication may hinder reaching a satisfactory level of relations with clients. evoCRM thanks to its numerous functionalities is the perfect solution for professional customer service in your company.


Three layer web application using PHP and AJAX technology, designed and created using MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Smarty, an object oriented library, assuring separation of business logic and view. GUI (Graphical User Interface) utilizing the newest trends in web design. Altogether they create a high-end application we proudly offer to our clients.